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Directing Resume
Production                                                                                 Company
THE CHERRY SISTERS REVISITED                                                 Wisconsin Lutheran College
WIT                                                                                                                                      Wisconsin Lutheran College
A DOLL'S HOUSE                                                                                                 Wisconsin Lutheran College
LILY DALE                                                                                                                    Wisconsin Lutheran College
THE MISER                                                                                                                   Wisconsin Lutheran College
SLEEPWALKING                                                                                                   Wisconsin Lutheran College
IN SPITE O F THUNDER, THE MACBETH PROJECT         Wisconsin Lutheran College
BECKY'S NEW CAR                                                                                             Wisconsin Lutheran College
FORBIDDEN BROADWAY, GREATEST HITS                           University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan
BECKY'S NEW CAR                                                                                             University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan
GODSPELL                                                                                                                   University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan
ALL IN THE TIMING                                                                                             University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan
PROOF                                                                                                                               University of Wisconsin-Marinette
LOBBY HERO                                                                                                             University of Wisconsin-Marinette
BAREFOOT IN THE PARK                                                                              University of Wisconsin-Marinette
THE GLASS MENAGERIE                                                                               University of Wisconsin-Marinette
GOD WILLING, A TWOLOGY                                                                    University of Wisconsin-Waukesha
THE LITTLE PRINCE                                                                                            Acacia Theatre Company
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