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THE OUTGOING TIDE (role of Jack):
"Simon Jon Provan’s performance is its own kind of heroism. There’s a tremendous amount of thought and planning that’s gone into the Provan’s portrayal of Gunner’s middle-aged son Jack...The challenge that Provan has to deal with is making an emotionally exhausted man feel dramatically dynamic in a slow-moving plot. Any actor would want to amp-up the affect to keep the character from feeling dramatically flat, but anything more than what Provan brings to the stage here would feel totally out-of-synch with the character. It’s an admirably reserved kind of energy that he’s bringing to the stage here."
- Russ Bickerstaff,
"Simon Provan plays the misunderstood and confused son well. He radiates anxiety." - Julie McHale, Waukesha Freeman

"[All three] actors bring similarly expert treatment to the script’s nuanced ebb and flow of psychological and relational dynamics. Provan’s Jack is a heartrending portrait of an only child—especially compelling for the number of secrets and unresolved pain he carries through the play’s two-day time frame." - Selena Milewski, Shepherd Express
Teaching Meisner Workshops at KM Perform:
"Simon led 4 sessions on Meisner Acting Technique which many students exclaimed was the most challenging and enlightening acting training they experienced in a long time (or ever). The idea of authentic reaction and being truthful in the moment (hallmarks of Meisner’s teaching) wove through many of our discussions and student acting work this spring as a result of Simon’s work with us."  
   - Ms. Abigail Keane, Head of KM Perform, an arts charter school program within Kettle Moraine             High School
"These vignettes are handled skillfully by the Wilder cast, led by Simon Jon Provan as a wise, sympathetic father..."  - Anne Siegel,
"Simon [Jon] Provan exudes strength, warmth and wisdom in his role as the father of this struggling brood." - Julie McHale, Waukesha Freeman
FREUD'S LAST SESSION (role of CS Lewis):
"The two actors give stellar performances with their individual portrayals...Provan is [Freud's] energetic visual counterpart, full of passionate, unbridled youth with a focused energy that would later rally and inspire millions of Britons through national broadcasts of hope and faith and 'with God’s help.'" - Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express
"It belongs on your bucket list of must-see plays this fall...Provan and Sapiro [create] two fully fleshed characters with whom we can empathize because they clearly empathize with each other, for all their stark differences." - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"[Provan and Sapiro] executed their roles with confidence and class." Julie McHale, Waukesha Freeman
Best of 2015 Wisconsin Theatre "Honorable Mention" Selection, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE (vocal coach)
2015 Gold Medal Award for Top 5 Wisconsin Theatre Selection, Waukesha Freeman
APARTMENT 3A (role of Donald):
"Donald, a debonair and inquisitive Simon Jon Provan." - Peggie Sue Dunigan,
"Provan's calm, still performance oozes decency and integrity." - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Provan delivers just the right amount of charm needed to make the quirkiness of a gregarious neighbor obsessed with casual friendship seem perfectly natural." - Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express
"Through the wrong lens, or with the wrong performers, Daniels’ writing could become overwrought. Instead, Vance, Provan, and especially Jarecki continuously come together with perfect chemistry." - Danielle McClune, Urban Milwaukee
"The mysterious Donald is nicely handled by Simon Jon Provan. Soft-spoken and polite, he evokes Donald’s caring, non-threatening aspects." - Anne Siegel,
THE GIRL IN THE FRAME (the role of Alex):
"Alison Mary Forbes as Laney and Simon Jon Provan as Alex both revel in developing their fantasy relationships...together [the cast] create chemistry on stage, giving the play’s premise a credibility the audience embraces." - Peggy Sue Dunigan, Urban Milwaukee
HA! (various roles):
"Simon Jon Provan is a stalwart straight man, an essential commodity in satires." - Damien Jacques, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"And kudos, above all, to professor Simon Provan, who offered his guidance and expertise in directing this astounding production." - Julie McHale, Waukesha Freeman


CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (role of Brick):

"Brick [is] strongly portayed by Simon Jon Provan. Freson is a very impressive Maggie. Wow to both these actors." - Julie McHale, Waukesha Freeman

-Best of 2012 Wisconsin Theatre Selection, Waukesha Freeman



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